I have three cats and a Pomeranian , today I had to put my 18 yo cat down. She was a very cool cat, very neurotic and very antisocial, but never the less, my cat. She was never mean or aggressive, she liked to chill by herself and would go and hide around company. Peachie was the first animal that my wife and I got together. She will be missed.

We all know how important pets are in our lives and it is never easy to see one of them go.

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Sorry to hear it. I have a 16 year old cat. They become truly part of the family. What we can take from the loss is all of the joy they bring during their lives. We had to put our 14 year old German Shepard down a couple of years ago and it was tough, so I think I know how you are feeling. All the best to you.
I'm sorry for your loss - all the best to you and your family!
truly a bummer .. i have a 14 yr old pomeranian . he is truly my wife and mine buddy ! he's got a bum leg ( arthritis ) , but he treads on . so i feel ya .
that is just tooo young for a puppy to go .. feelin ya bro !!!
I'm really sorry for your loss. I know the feeling. I had to put Fluffy down 12/31 (yet another unhappy New Year's Eve for me) and Furball down that Friday (1/2/09). I had the Lady and Lord of the Manor for the past 14 yrs and to this day I'm still lost without them. 8(

Now I have Coco and Domino, and they are slowly easing the pain of not having My City Kitty and Lil Man around.

For all that have recently lost a pet:

Thanks everyone, and thanks everyone for sharing the great thoughts and photos of your animal family. Family is family, and it doesn't matter how much hair or how stinky their breath is, they make us laugh and are our buddies.


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