Could anyone please advise me of a reliable cigar auction website? Also I want to try the humidification packets by Boveda. Any input or suggestions?

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I'm a 100% B&M customer, but some folks here at SC swear by (and battle addiction to) cigarbid.
Hi Alton,
The humidification packets by Boveda are GREAT you cant go wrong with them! How did you find out about them?
Also Xikar Humidification devices are great the pucks and rectangles The Arturo Fuente bage (orange with a picture on the front) are also the greatest thing they come in different sizes and you can use them for long or short time storage they'll hold between 15 - 40+ cigars and they come with a Bovedea pouch.

As far as auctions make sure you know prices every single day I see people over paying or buying a magazine or private lable thinking there buying the same cigar as whats in a B&M store. Just this week I saw $13 OpusX's that went for $35 and Anejo's for $45 you should never need to pay over $24 for a Anejo. One auction lists Suggested Retail prices also but on some items there way high you should know product, what your B&M and average internet prices are to avoid over paying. I buy a discounted prices because I watch a combination of things, The ccheapist OpusX's are availabile at some B&M's never online, or for instance pete johnsons cigars are cheapist at a good B&M store. You might bid on a 5er of CAO's only to figure out later that that paticular CAO was made specifically for Famous Smoke and is cheaper than the regular CAO's

As good as and usually better is to watch between 11-12pm they sell all the days sale items then many with free shipping!

heres the phone# you'll need soon: 1-800-CBID ANONYMOUS
Thanks guys for the input. Got me nervous about the auctions now. Lol. Thanks Dr Cigaro for the educational session at the shop the other day.
Funny stuff - I agree with Craig, the best thing to do (if you want to use a site) is to know what you're buying and what you can get it online for elsewhere. Lots of people overbid. That said, I do like They also have an app for iPhone that is pretty great. Like everyone said, it's easy enough to get addicted to buying cigars in general - online or not.

The Boveda paks are great - I use them in my smaller humidor and in my travel cases and have never had a problem with them.

Good luck!
I forgot to add this one......


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