I've seen some reviews on these cigars and just ordered my first 5 pack. Has anyone else smoked these ans what do you think?


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Great cigars Derek. Full body full flavored gems pair great with just about anything. I have smoked many this past year, even won a cube of 35 cigars through a contest Skip ran on twitter a year ago. My favorite in the line is the corona sized Anthropology, and I believe even Bugs enjoyed them as I sent him some with his Superbowl winnings last year. Ashley Byrd aka "Da Byrdman" of B & B Cigar club fame and a neighbor of yours in Richmond, VA can also attest to the quality of the Cromagnon line as he commonly refers to them as #pookie cause they are quite addicting. There are many that claim they are strong but I don't quite get that personally. Hope you enjoy them, I am betting you will. 

Never had 'em.  They look nice though and I dig the box [does the lid double as an ash tray??]. 

I'll have to get this on the list after Joe's description.

Joe Ed, I received my sampler and love them. I agree with you about the strength, I would label them medium to full. Still a very good cigar.

I've been interested in these since I first saw them announced. The flavor profile and strength seem to be in line with my tastes. I'll have to check them out at some point in the near future.

Def give them a try, I will keep some in my humidor from now on

Skip Martin the brand owner is a great guy with a great story. Follow him on Twitter @ChiefHava @ RoMaCraft also on FaceBook Roma Craft Cigar which is the combined efforts of Skip and Michael Rosales of Adrians Costa Rican. Both of the guys are also here on SC http://www.socialcigar.com/profile/SkipMartinChiefHava and http://www.socialcigar.com/profile/smokeadrians though neither appear to have been around for a bit. Just ordered their new line coming out Intemperance, which I was also fortunate enough to receive early samples of  a couple months back. All I can say is if you are about full flavor you have to check these guys out.  

Thanks for the heads up on the new line. I just returned to the sand box and I'm putting together my buy list for next month, I'll have to add the Intemperance.

Definitely going to be checking both of them out.


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