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Arturo replied to Brian D.'s discussion Is this site going tatas up?
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Man... the Traffic on SC has really died down! What's the deal?!?

I know we've lost a few SC'ers recently, but jeez, it's like a ghost town around here! 

MODS and Camacho!  Where are you??  You've gotta get this thing going again.  Provide some incentives for being here.  Get the noobs involved and rejuvenate the veterans!

C'mon!  Social Cigar used to be the most rockin' cigar site out there!  Bring it back to it's Glory!!!

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You're right bro..when I get back from r&r I'll brain storm some stuff

Well I'm still here, but I'm too damn busy (approving client profiles at work) to ever respond during the day.  By the time I get home, SC is the last thing on my mind.  Since I really don't smoke like I use to (when I first joined SC), I'm really out of the loop when it comes to cigars and what's new and exciting!

In any event, you guys spend too much time arguing with one another over nonsense.  With that being said...until someone bans me...I'm still here. 8 )

Well thanks to you Sandi, I'm back in as well after my hiatus from traveling for work. It's good to be back with the SC  family.

Great to have ya back Elesix!!!  Will you be in Tampa in July?

No, I'm scheduled to be in Seattle, WA area.  Are you coming back down?

Yes, end of July, then I return to NY that Thursday (July 26) so I can drive to Myrtle Beach early Friday morning.

Sandi, you are one of the original SC SOTLs and you will never be banned. And yes too much drama for grown ass men.

WOW!! One of the "Original SOTLs"...I've been around a very long time! LOL

yes, yes you have!  ; )


It seems that it REALLY died off with the new update to the system.  Could be coincidental.  But I agree it's dead, Camacho has even let things slide on their Facebook page as well.  Not sure what's going on, it's not industry wide, if anything there seems to be some upswing in the Cigar industry as a whole.

hmmm... what else does "dead" ryhme with, IH?


Camacho was never "super" involved with the site, but, I'll say it has dramatically declined from even that.  Especially after the merger with Davidoff.  Dylan Austin doesn't even come around here anymore.  I can't remember the last time Christian or someone else from the organization was involved.


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