Man... the Traffic on SC has really died down! What's the deal?!?

I know we've lost a few SC'ers recently, but jeez, it's like a ghost town around here! 

MODS and Camacho!  Where are you??  You've gotta get this thing going again.  Provide some incentives for being here.  Get the noobs involved and rejuvenate the veterans!

C'mon!  Social Cigar used to be the most rockin' cigar site out there!  Bring it back to it's Glory!!!

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Some people at a herf yesterday told me that Twitter is now the cool place to hang out and talk cigars. Dunno if it's true, and I'm not signing up for more social networking crap just to find out.

hahaha!  Yeah, Brian, I'm "anti-twitter" too!

I don't see how twitter can hold a candle to anything resembling a proper discourse.  It's more like sending mail back and forth than an open forum for communication.  I'm on twitter, but only to follow other people, I rarely use it for my own "announcements". 

I'm on twitter, as that's where Joe Ed spends a lot of his time.  I'm a fan of Facebook, but will post every now and again on Twitter. I do know a lot of the cigar folks use Twitter to coordinate their Tweetups (there's one next month in DC).  Other than that, you can always find me on FB.

Now, that's positive, JLI!  [if just a little scary!]  LOL!

Islander, You made me blush and brought tears to my eye's! 


I know what my excuse is, but I don't want to insult anyone.

Kidding. I've been ridiculously busy between the new jobs and a bunch of travel. Having both of my jobs be online means that if I'm on the computer then I'm not spending much time on my forums.

let's see if i can kick-start this thing up...

He's baaa-aaaack..... ; )


Very Happy right now

I think we will get back to having fun. We have a good core of BOTLs and SOTLs. We just need to stck together.




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