Ode to my Xterra...

my nearly 12 year old Nissan Xterra with 287,000 miles on it performed one final duty for me this morning when a driver pulled out in front of me on a rain-slick road causing me to broad-side him head-on, smash though a guard rail, go airborne, crash through a wood plank farm fence and through a wooded glen.  My truck of all these years was in great shape before this but, alas, I think I shall see it no more.  It saved my can today though.  I'm shaken and stirred, will be sore and stiff, but still here with my family.  Thank you my mechanical friend!  XTERRA ROCKS!!!

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Thanks, Ciro.

I managed to guide my truck away from his driverside door and hit him more toward the rear of his vehicle.  So, he got out of it with a bruised arm and a wrecked 2011 Honda Civic.  God was good there too... the kid was 19 years old and it was his birthday.  His dad, who showed up after, thanked me profusely for trying my best to avoid hitting him directly.  I'll trade my wrecked truck and some soreness for not harming a kid any day of the week.

Couldn't look at the engine compartment; hood stuck. The windshield is cracked. although you can't see it from this pic.  It looked liked thing got shoved back a bit, although I can't tell for sure without getting the hood up.  I'd salvage it, if it was my call.  But with the age and mileage, I'm thinking the Insurance Company will total it out.

Thanks, Steve.  Yeah.. could have been worse.

Wow dude, I was getting a bit worried with you not being around and all, glad to hear everything is ok!

Thanks, Matt.  Just been super busy lately.

Glad you're ok brother

Thanks, big D!

Nissan Rules!

time to trade up:

Think I'm gonna be looking for another Xterra or a Frontier.  Gotta have truck!

WOW, Doc...you took one helluva ride, but could not have had a better friend...like a dog...faithful to the end!  I'm happy you are safe, although banged up and hope you can find another "Buddy" soon.

Thanks, my brothah!  Yeah, I'll miss my buddy.  But I'll be looking for a new one.  Kinda reminds me of an old "Spencer For Hire" episode with Robert Urich.  His '67 Mustang gets blown up, so, he's all sad and depressed.  One of his salvage buddies takes him to the yard to show him a new Mustang GT [1985 I think] and says to him, "... new body, same spirit...".  Spencer slides into the new Mustang, gives a little nod and drives off. 

Yeah, it'll be something like that.  ; )


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