Schit's burned you?, TOTAL SHIT-LISTER, 'Go ahead, rip me off', are his real initials CS?

Read no further if you want to avoid Big-Time Drama.

I appologize that I'm posting a lot of useless drama here.

But, as I told you I'm sorry I still feel the need to defend my good name. As some members are bashing me and I do'nt really know What MMK ("Dang, you should have asked me about 'that' before you did the deal... i could have advised you differently ~ ") has against me?

So, please feel free to post all your displeasure and/or satisfaction you have with me. This way Your not whispering like cowards behind my back, and, I'll be able to see what you dont like.  Maybe I can change whatever that is?


I've had differences with 4 members on this site.  They are the Lunds, MMK, JustDave, and JD McHelany.

I have no clue what mmk has against me but he wrote

"Schit's burned you? Dang, you should have asked me about 'that' before you did the deal... i could have advised you differently ~"

Why would you think that???  MMk please post whatever it is I've done to upset you.  What was your christmas gift that I gave you??

Was it all the free contests I hold? I've given well over $3,000.00 in contest prizes and bombs! 

I'd really like to make it up to you!!!

Maybe you thought I was Charging you for contest winngs as justDave did although he sent me this mail. "If I was to give you $100.00 to cover the last package and also to have another sent, what would you send me? I am willing to send you $100.00 through paypal if you are willing to send another package. If not, just let me know and I will send the money for the previous package."

and a few mails later I shipped. Then he changed his mind and thinks It was free.

The Lunds, I'm not exactly sure which or if all the Lunds are to blame.  But they bought per phone agreement and never sent pymt of well over $1500.00 (retail price, there pric $600.00)


As far as JD goes,  I mailed him a Blazzer and a Xikar lighter for which I have still not recieved a dime!


What or who is pissing you off?

Post away folks.

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 I will say this because you asked for it...
As far as I am concerned I would never suggest anyone deal with you in a monatary fashion. It is my personal belief you are mentally ill, therefore untrustworthy for my hard earned buck. You asked I am telling you...doesn't mean we can't be friends, but I would never give advice to newby or FOG to do a deal with you. Just my personal opinion.



 Joe Ed.

Gee, Tommy...does this mean you are ready to make your triumphant return to the Beer Sellar on Tuesday nights?
man, you guys got issues and more drama then any woman I know....but I still love all of ya'll any way. 8 ) [Trying to keep the peace between the men folks]

It seems that a lot of people on this site have a (perceptibly so) difficult time with instructions and completing simple transactions.  I won a contest of Craig's and he was extremely generous.  I also bought a handful of smokes and we sent PMs back and forth and I got them a few days later, just as promised.


I guess what I mean to say is Craig's a good guy in my book...even if that book is "The Cat in the Hat"... (^_^ )

Ok so once again, I take a few away from this site to get away from BS and when I come back to check with friends, I see this. This is all obviously stemming from a thread (more like a WTF?) that I had started. And for what? Well facts are facts and here it is hard. Craig, the way I met you was through entering a contest you had started after being MIA for several months. So, I entered not knowing any better and being excited about possibly meeting some good, like minded folk. And I won! You said I should be receiving a package soon.. which I did! But as I was waiting for this to arrive, you decided to send me a 2nd package without any prior conversation. AWESOME!! Then I get a msg detailing what you were sending and also what dollar value you thought they were worth and also a statement to feel free to send money... uuummmm ok, I am a good person and he is being a good one aswell, and even though I NEVER mentioned paying for anything, I sent an email back saying I would, even though I was in a rough spot.. I didnt want to be an ass, so yes Craig, I sent an email to you saying I would pay for them and also letting you know I was a little pissed about it, but I still would. When I paid, I was thinking I can trust you.... and BANG, gone like a bat out of hell. WTF? I get pissed and wanna know what happened. Then you come back (again) and start getting all pissy because I was standing up for myself. Craig, if you have sent something or not, I could care less... my business is done with you. Why? Look in the mirror and ask yourself... and by the way. You want to keep posting our PM's? Go right ahead, cause I kept them all too and can also nit pick myself. Read as follows:


Craig to Dave

If you do or dont pay thankyou for keeping this matter in private mail. I appreciate that very much.
This situation would surely make me look very bad to other members. So, thanks again for keeping it private.
such language MMK! oh, and that's 2 words.
I just don't know (again) what we're fighting about. I'm starting to think you guys have more drama than I do (and I have lots of drama!)

I haven't really had much dealing with you, Craig, except for discussions on SC.  You seem to have disputes with a couple of people, and the picture you and the others are painting of what happened are completely the opposite.  So I don't know who to believe, and I just say you work it out between yourselves like adults, please.  Otherwise, happy to see you back at SC.  We all need to take a break now and then, and real life does take precedence, so I hope all is well with you, and welcome back.


As for the rest of the drama, well, I prefer to remain neutral.  But if I have to take anybody out who is being unreasonable and clogging the airways with negativity, I will not hesitate.

MMK = Cowers to my Member.  ; )


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