Brian D.'s Groups (30)

  • How Buckyballs Fell Apart

    2 members Latest Activity: Nov 10, 2014

    Buckyballs advocates and even one CSPC commissioner have argued that the…

  • Lancero Lovers

    11 members Latest Activity: May 8

    After JoeEd & Tassie turned me on to The Tatuaje Black Lancero ; I have decided the Lancero IS my favorite…

  • Cigar Smokers for Obama

    30 members Latest Activity: Feb 1, 2014 If you have hope that we can take our country back from those who think it is for sale, join this group


    9 members Latest Activity: Feb 3, 2014

    for all those who love the metal SLAYER puts down.

  • Poison Tree Goat Lovers

    14 members Latest Activity: Apr 29, 2014

    A group for all that enjoy the cute and cuddly but sometimes deadly Poison Tree Goat

  • Good 'ol Boys Club

    28 members Latest Activity: May 24, 2013


  • The Not Invited to The Good 'ol Boys Club Club

    1 member Latest Activity: Nov 8, 2012

    The club for people not invited to the Good ol' Boys Club, at least until they are invited.

  • Friends of Duane Holmes

    19 members Latest Activity: Apr 3, 2013

    ok, so he's back ~ never-mind...

    the fungus was amongus......

    Duane Holmes is no longer a member of Social Cigar, and I miss the…

  • CAO lovers

    94 members Latest Activity: May 11, 2013 I feel that CAO was left out of the groups here on social cigar....Please give CAO cigars the credit they deserve. Especially the little one in the…

  • The Lady Tobacconist 4 U (Men encouraged to join)

    157 members Latest Activity: Jun 22, 2013 I am a Female Cigar Store owner in So Cal, wanting to unite female cigars smokers, answer any questions you may have, offer suggestions etc. Men are…

  • sexy women who smoke cigars and the men who adore them

    44 members Latest Activity: Jan 22 This group is for sexy women who love the taste and feel of a cigar. women who buy and own cigars because you actually enjoy them. but mostly the men…

  • Do You Shake Your Butane

    17 members Latest Activity: Jan 12, 2014

    There's been a lot said about cello on cello off but we never talked about shaking your butane. When you fill your lighter do you shake your…

  • Republicans

    87 members Latest Activity: Jun 16, 2012 Save us from "Comfortable Mediocrity"

  • Democrats

    16 members Latest Activity: Jun 16, 2012 A group for all Liberals.

  • Scorpion Scorchers

    19 members Latest Activity: Jun 21, 2013 A group of like minded smokers who crave smoking the Camacho Scorpion - - - Quinto Corte M/F'er

  • Power Huffer's unite!!!

    23 members Latest Activity: Aug 17, 2012

  • It's all a scam!

    11 members Latest Activity: Dec 13, 2012 It's all just a scam....for those involved or have ever been involved with  scams
     or think they might be victim to one!

  • Friends of MMK~

    55 members Latest Activity: Sep 25, 2012

    For all who miss Mark's wit,wisdom, and insight and would like to see him return to SC.

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