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Specialty of Saint Luis Rey Cuban cigars

Among the world famous Cuban cigars floating across the global market, Saint Luis Rey Cuban cigars can find a place for them owing to their specialties. There are some specific features, which can always make them stand apart from the other cigars and always ahead of the competition.

When the cigar market across the globe has been flooded by several latest brands of the Cuban cigars, there are very few brands of Cuban cigars, which have made a permanent place in the minds of the cigar…


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A Complete Insight into Excalibur Cigars & its Blends

Excalibur cigars are made by the General Cigar Company in Honduras. It uses Connecticut broadleaf as tobacco binder. The tobacco is mainly from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Dominican. It is one of the most well recognized cigar brands. This article provides a complete insight into Excalibur cigars and its blends.  

Excalibur cigars have always been a well-known cigar brand. It has many successful brands which are not only reasonably priced but is also known for its superior blends.…


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All You Need to Know About EP Carrillo Cigars

The Company works on the principles of dedication, humility, patience and respect to produce a prestigious product. The cigars are medium bodied and full of rich and creamy aroma and a sweet earthiness which comes from a blend of tobacco from Dominican Republic and Nicaragua and wrapper from Ecuador. The Cuban craftsmanship wraps it up beautifully.

The Perez-Carrillo family was forced to flee the political climate in Cuba in the year 1959; little did they know that would lead to the…


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5 Best Online Sources To Buy Hoyo De Monterey Cuban cigars

If you are a fan of Cuban cigar, then Hoyo De Monterey has to be in the list of your favourite brands. Starting its journey in 1880, Hoyo De Monterey Cuban cigars has always presented premium flavours and highest quality tobacco.  Crafted to perfection these cigars are a rare delicacy to be savoured to the fullest.

Of course you can purchase these cigars from your nearest cigar lounge, but with increased pace of life many cigar aficionados today want their cigars to be home…


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The Complete History of Excalibur Cigars

The cigar company that launched the Excalibur Cigars is the famous cigar company named Hoyo De Monterrey. Being producers of high quality premium cigars, the two most famous brands under the flagship of this company were produced in Cuba and Honduras.

A thirteen year old boy named…


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Oliva Serie V Melanio: Why It is Different from Other Cigars?

Cigars, since centuries, have been used and considered as a status symbol of the high class society. There are several traditional brands of cigars that have tried to maintain their legacy and quality in terms of their flavour, taste and essence, and have been quite successful in doing the same. If you are an admirer of classy cigars then you must definitely try the Oliva Serie V Melanio cigars, which belongs to the house of traditional cigars from Cuba.…


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History of Oliva cigars

Oliva cigars, one of the premium cigar brands in the world, have a rich history dating back to 1886. Melanio Oliva, the head of Oliva family settled in the westernmost part of Cuba, was the first in the family to venture into tobacco growing. The company was first established by Gilberto, his grandson, who took the Oliva brand to the entire world.

Oliva cigars are one of the oldest and most respectable cigar brands in the world today. Primarily produced in Nicaragua, these cigars…


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Be Careful In Choosing Cigar, It Reflects Your Class

It wouldn’t be wrong to refer cigars to as one of the finest pleasures in a man’s life. If you love cigars, then it is something that simply thrills you and delights your senses from within. Each time you hold the cigar in your hand, it fills you up with self pride. Turning into a pure cigar connoisseur isn’t rocket science. All you need to do is choose the best and the stick to it as far as possible. This also demands a bit of research and experimentation from your side.…


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The Role of Wrapper on a Cigar’s Flavor

The wrapper of a cigar can tell a lot about a cigar’s flavor. There’s a standard rule, but there also are too many exceptions and discrepancies to say something as “darker = stronger.” A few Maduro smokes pale in comparison to a few stronger Connecticuts. To clear up these misconceptions about wrappers and how they influence a cigar’s flavor, here is a list of wrappers and what they add to the cigar like H. Upmann…


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Develop Your Cigar Palate with La Aroma de Cuba cigars

Enjoy the taste of a brand new cigar with the new La Aroma de Cuba; with every puff off this stogie, one will surely get drawn into a horizon of unique aroma. This is because the cigars of this brand are bold blends of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers. These are carefully filled inside a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

Because of the delicate craftsmanship involved, the La Aroma de Cube cigars emit a smoke that is truly zesty throughout; it comes with a smooth core of deep and…


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Everything You Need To Know About Gurkha Cigars

Cigar aficionados indulge into a Gurkha because every single stogie is of extraordinary quality. Lovers of cigars generally call Gurkha the 'Rolls Royce' of cigars; no wonder it is reveled in by an elite group of smokers that includes Royal men and women, Military Generals and personnel, leading government officials and prominent celebrities.…


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The Best Smoke You'll Ever Have

If at all there is a brand name of the highest selling and the most popular expensive premium cigars, then H. Upmann is the name. This brand had been established in Cuba way back in 1844 and till date it is a reigning cigar name. Currently, the company manufactures cigars in two versions. These are as follows:

  • One of the versions is still produced on the island of Cuba for Habanos SA. It is a Cuban state-owned tobacco company.

  • Second one is produced…

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Acid Cigars: A Unique Brand

Thompson Cigars, one of the most popular cigar brands around the world introduced Acid Cigars in 1999. And alike acid, these cigars are strong and powerful, prompting cigar enthusiasts to have them over and over again. Their herbal, aromatic flavor has a distinct appeal and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit distinct requirements and palates of a cigar connoisseur. If you are wondering why these cigars are unique and often known as the ‘rebirth of cigars,’ then here is what you…


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Why Rocky Patel Cigar is The Best

Rocky Patel is a premium cigar manufacturer that produces fine cigars. The leaves used as wrappers are sourced from Honduras exclusively for their spicy texture and earthy after taste; while the blend is also no less than perfect. Indulge in an RP today to know more.

Rocky Patel Premium Cigar…


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Ways To Find The Best Cigars

The top 5 ways to select the right cigar is to decide upon a price range, explore the choices in the range, pick up a handful of mixed cigars, puff each one of them to discover the best stick and lastly source the favorite cigar from designated cigar dealers.…


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2013 nfl num2

wow alot drama for the nfl teams.cowboys fighting on sidelines.geez.drew breeze got his bell rung playing against the 49ninersif you could have met any of the team owners what cigar would offer him?lets discuss it

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New Product!!

New Product Arriving!!!

Altadis USA

  1. H Upmann 1844 Reserve Magnum Special Edition, 6x60, 10/Box, Item #16970
  2. Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1, 5x54, 16/box, Item #16967
  3. Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2, 6x54, 16/box, Item #16968
  4. Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 3, 6x60, 16/box, Item #16969
  5. Monte by Montecristo Conde (Pig Tail), 5x48, 16/box, Item #16971
  6. Monte by…

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IPCPR 2013 – Room 101 Cigars with Matt Booth

Today's IPCPR video features our visit with none other than Room 101's own Matt Booth.  I still find it to be quite a contrast that Matt is in the Davidoff booth, but Davidoff has done a wonderful job diversifying their portfolio with the addition of the newly re-branded  Camacho,…


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hello from south easttexas.what cigars do you like to smoke durring theNFL seson.ismoke mustly robustos and perfectos.what do you smoke when your favorite NFLteams play?lets discuss it

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thoseFDA fat cats are trying to get increased cigar tax.alot of the retailers are pissed.what is your take on the fda fat cars?lets discuss it

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