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CONTEST WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT! The strangest thing happened while smoking a cigar...

WINNER! (provisionally) is MICHAEL!  First let me say why Michael is the "provisional" winner.  One of the "rules" the Mod's decided was a winner must have an Avatar picture.  I'm not sure we mentioned this and I fully expect Michael to post one so he can win.

On to why he won, his writing style could have used some help, but I found if I were there I would be both laughing my ass off at the shot and arguing why it didn't count.

BONUS WINNER: Happy Jacky!

While I liked Michael's story "better" I couldn't help but to be moved by Jack's account of the outing with his son.  He scores half prize.



This is where to post your strangest cigar story.  Below is a favorite of mine I heard Danny DeVito re-tell once, he's told it a lot.

"I was flying to Europe right after we finished The War of the Roses. It was an all-night flight. We had a great meal and they were going to pour some Port and I had a stogie with me and there were only a handful of people in first class. I had had a couple of drinks and I was with friends and I was feeling good. It was just the perfect time for a nice stogie. The flight attendants had been real friendly, so I said, 'Boy, I would really love to fire up now.' They said, 'You really can't.' I asked why not. They said the passengers would be really upset. I said, 'What if I asked every passenger on the plane - first class, coach, everyone - if they minded?' One of the flight attendants said, 'Well, OK, if you get everyone's permission...'

"I got up and walked the full length of the plane and said hello to everyone who was awake and asked if I could smoke. Everyone said OK. But there was one guy in the back of the first-class cabin who said, 'There is no way you are going to light up a cigar on this airplane... unless you give me one too!'"


I Guess the prize for this is a Camacho Cap and T-Shirt 

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Comment by Brian D. on October 19, 2012 at 11:56pm

So....did I win?

Comment by Clay, Everybody's Favorite on July 20, 2012 at 1:12pm

Limey, That's not a cigar, it's a Freudian Cigar.  Cigars are more often portrayed like this 

(___{ }__________{{{{{{ ~  ~

Comment by Limey B'stard on July 19, 2012 at 10:37pm

So the strangest cigar story was the day that was in the recent future and my Step daughter was trying to show me how to display a cigar in text and I got the day wrong. What I meant was 8====D~!

Comment by Clay, Everybody's Favorite on July 19, 2012 at 9:36pm

This contest goes until the 22nd!

Comment by Limey B'stard on July 19, 2012 at 9:18pm

The strangest thing was I received this email after the competition was over. Thank you sir. My step daughter showed me how to do this D======8, not sure what it means, hopefully it is offensive.

Comment by Elesix on July 19, 2012 at 6:16pm

My cousin, Jr and I were sitting at an outdoor Salsa concert enjoying the tunes and a cigar. Two unsubs approach and ask A) if we were smoking, B) were we there for the concert C) did we have a match? Jr and I looked at each other and thought these two guys were not paying much attention to their surroundings. They told us they had cigars but no matches. Then he asked us the strangest question....did we recognize them? 

At this point we knew these guy had less than a full deck of cards on top of that they smelled perfumy and had glassy eyes.  Jr responded to their match question because the other ones were completely foolish. We handed each guy our lighters....they pulled out a pack of white owls, lit them returned the lighters and said "you'll see us later".   

We smiled and whispered no we won't, sat down and poured another glass of Navan.  We laughed, we knew they were high for one, white owls cigars?? okay as for recognizing them...we didn't know them from Adam nor did we expect to see them again....15 minutes later as the new band begins to play guess who's on stage?? THE TWO WHITE OWLS...the music was good though. 

Comment by HappyJacky on July 19, 2012 at 3:43pm

Not sure if this fits the category, but I'm throwing out there anyway.

I'm the proud father of an autistic boy.  As you may or may not know, one of the traits can be very concrete thinking.  And change is a no-no.

When he was quite young (about 4-6 yo), we had a regimen (weather permitting) where I would load the fishing gear in the car, hook him up in his car seat, drive to the local convenience store, purchase a couple of cold, refreshing beverages and one dozen nightcrawlers. We'd get back in the car, I would pull out my cigar of choice that afternoon, fire it up, and we would drive the backroads to a nearby farmer's pond, that was so full of sunnies that they nearly came out of the water from piling up!  We'd park, he'd undo his buckels, I'd grab the tackle, beverages and bait, and we'd spend the next 2-4 hrs enjoying the day.

One day I didn't light my cigar at the store, and was puffing on a pipe instead.  We arrived at the fishing hole, I went about my business, looked over, and he was still strapped in.  I called to him, said let's go, and started away from the car.  A few feet, and he was still strapped in.  So I returned thinking something was stuck, and found my boy nearly in tears.  Was he hurt?  Ill?  I asked what was wrong...he said, "We can't go fishing!"

What?  Why not???  Because YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR CIGAR!!!!!

Luckily, I had the travel humidor, the situation was quickly remidied, and it was a great afternoon.

Comment by John on July 19, 2012 at 3:07pm

I was in Wilkes-Barre, PA, on July 4th.  We had a ton of fireworks to light off, and the wind was blowing everyone's BBQ lighters, matches and Bics out.  I had a nicely-aged Fuente Anejo #49, and for 2 and a half hours, I lit all the fireworks I could, delighting in the flavors of that cigar and watching everyone else struggle to light off their own fireworks.  When it came time to light off the finale (a 64-shot setup), I was asked to do the honors :D

Comment by Brian D. on July 18, 2012 at 8:40am

That anecdotage site about blowed up the computer I was using, Clay.


One year at the RTDA (now IPCPR) show about ten years ago Mickey Rooney was helping out in one of the small brand booths, apparently he was friends with the owner. It was early in the day and Mr. Rooney was very talkative and energetic. He handed me one of the cigars and asked if I'd like some coffee. 'Well sure' says I and started to head to the table where that stuff was. Mickey stepped over there first and poured me a cup.


Somehow I didn't expect an 80 something year old movie star to be be that down to earth, and the best was still to come. He asked if I'd like anything in the coffee and being this was Vegas at 10am I asked if they had the makings for Irish Coffee. Mr. Rooney's eyes lit up and he said "Boy I was hoping somebody would say that, me too!"


Next thing I know Mickey Rooney and I are sipping the concoctions he mixed us up, and we're sitting down and talking like we'd known each other for years. Man does he have some good ex-wife stories!

Comment by Duane Holmes on July 16, 2012 at 9:58pm

It's got to be watching a Blue Racer (snake) chasing a toad around my patio. The best twenty minutes of entertainment smoking a cigar I've had in a while. Yes the toad finally got away with a little help from me.

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