Recently I acquired a very old cookbook, a few months back we finally felt ok emotionally to clean out my grandmothers house who passed away last year. Among some of her things I came across a recipe gold mine, my mom mom was considered one of the best cooks in her area and she learned everything she knew from her mother. I never had the pleasure of my great grandmother's company but she was a beloved member of her community and people from our neighborhood still comment on her cooking. Since it was written in Italian and I mean some very difficult Italian, I have to translate each page, so the following recipe will be limited in technique but I will try to fill in the blanks the best I can.


Pennette al Formaggio Forno

"Baked Penne Pasta w/ Four Cheeses"


1 pound of penne rigate pasta

(you want to dice the following)

8 oz smoked provolone

4 oz caciocavallo

4 oz fontina

4 oz Italian ham

2 oz butter

(it says handful of parmigiano and dried peasant bread) 

salt & pepper


I would think she means

1 cup of parmigiano-reggiano

1 cup of Italian bread crumbs 


cook pasta al dente

saute ham in butter over med-low heat

blend pasta, butter, and ham together

add fontina, caciocavallo, and provolone cheeses

transfer to a glass baking dish

top with parm and breadcrumb

I would bake for about 15 min @ 300 degrees


I myself prefer a richer and bolder red but to be safe go with a nice Chianti Classico


look for my next post in one month

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